Privacy and Term Of Services

We at SPVAIG respect each client's right to personal privacy. We collect and use information through our website only as disclosed in this Privacy Policy.

We want our users to always be aware of any information
we collect and how we use it.

  • We collects information during the registration process. The personally identifiable information that we collect includes your first and last name. We also collects non-personally identifiable information such as country, age, gender, etc. You may update your Registration Information at any time from the members' area.

  • SPVAIG will not send you any unsolicited information, including e-mail, except as mentioned

  • Your registration information is needed to operate the site, to provide support for your account, for statistical purposes, etc.

  • New Customers will receive a SPVAIG Hosting welcome letter explaining the features provided by the service. SPVAIG may also send periodic member letters to announce important service changes, new features, technical issue updates and news about the Service.

  • SPVAIG keeps your personally identifiable information private and does not share it with any unauthorized third parties.

  • If you have any questions about this privacy statement, or our Web sites, you may contact us.

Terms Of Services

This contains terms and conditions regarding customer’s legal rights and remedies for accessing and using company’s products and services.

  • Excessive CPU, Bandwidh or Disk Space Usage has the ability to compromise our shared hosting environment. This is the result of using the system in a manner that encumbers disk space, processors or other system resources beyond the allowances of your specific plan type and to the degree that your usage compromises the hosting accounts of our other customers.
  • Excessive resource usage - cgi scripts or other executable code that consumes an undue amount of CPU time [defined dynamically by SPVAIG at will] will be reprioritized if possible, or we will ask you to discontinue its use either permanently or the script is altered by yourself or third party to operate in a less resource-hungry manner. Failure to cease operator of the offending executable will be considered as server abuse. SPVAIG reserves the right to terminate any process which it deems to be using excessive resource usage
  • Background processes - background process [that is, application or utilities that are started from within an interactive shell login, and set to run permanently in the background on a server] are not to be initiated without prior arrangement with use. We reserve the right to examine all code before it is run on the server. Running of background processes without prior arrangement in and confirmation in writing from SPVAIG is server abuse.
  • Pornography - SPVAIG prohibits the storage and transmission (inbound and outbound) of pornography with the exception of softcore erotic art. Written permission must be obtained before any pornographic material is stored and/or transmitted through SPVAIG servers.
  • Copyright software, Warez, destructive applications, copyright media, proprietary computer information and hacking & cracking sites are strictly prohibited on any portion of our services and network. Customers storing & transmitting (inbound and outbound) files that violate copyright or other federal laws are grounds for instant termination of service.
  • Any incident of server abuse is grounds for immediate and unconditional account termination. Common examples of abusive practices are listed below and SPVAIG reserves the right of interpretation as to what constitutes abusive practices. In short - if you are unsure that your actions may be perceived as an abuse of service, contact SPVAIG directly to check with us before proceeding.
  • Email abuse - Unsolicited Commercial Email ['Spam'] is implicitly forbidden. This is considered server abuse and is grounds for immediate termination.
  • Proxy websites and such are prohibited.
  • Bandwidth allocated is only for website hosted on our server, Using bandwidth for other websites by hotlinking is not allowed.
  • We do not allow hosting of adult sites on our servers.
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Payment and Refund Policy

  • All accounts are set-up on a pre-pay basis only
  • SPVAIG will suspend your account if outstanding bills have not been paid in within 5 days. SPVAIG reserves the right to suspend the account. SPVAIG reserves the right to charge late fee if bills are not paid in time.
  • SPVAIG reserves the right to impose a re-activation fee for accounts that have been suspended.
  • Refund will not be granted in following cases:

  • If customer has taken our free migration services to migrate their hosting to our server.
  • If customer has breached our terms of services and violated our accepted usage policy.
  • If customer uses abusive language with SPVAIG staff.
  • If customer has availed the discount from listed price while purchasing the service.

Fair Usage Policy

  • If you subscribe to a Product that does not have any usage caps or limits, this Fair Usage Policy ("FUP") will apply to your account and all associated services provided with your hosting package.

  • A Fair Usage Policy is necessary to ensure our hosting services are used fairly and our services operate reliably for all customers. Resources provided on all our hosting services including but not limited to Reseller Accounts, Web Hosting Accounts, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers are all governed by this Fair Usage Policy.

  • Our aim is to provide a fair hosting service to all our customers. Therefore, we think to impose an actual figure on what we consider to be “excessive” use is not necessarily helpful and may penalise users unfairly. What is deemed excessive will be determined by a number of factors including (but not limited to) the length of time which your excessive usage continues for, as well as the amount of resources being used.

  • If, in our reasonable opinion, you have breached this FUP, we will contact you by email to let you know that that your usage is excessive and is affecting SPVAIG services/systems and/or other users. We reserve the right to impose reasonable limits to reduce your usage and/or pair you with other users utilising the same or nearly the same amount of usage.

  • Resources such as MySQL databases, subdomains, POP3 mail accounts, SMTP mail accounts, FTP accounts should not be used and created in such a way that can potentially have adverse effects on the normal optimal operation of our services.

  • Hosting accounts created should not exceed limits which if in good faith eWebGuru believes will have adverse effects on the normal optimal operation of our services.

  • SPVAIG reserve the right to terminate the hosting contract and refuse to renew the service if it consider client usage of resources are violating fair usage policy of SPVAIG.
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