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Cross Platform

Mobile application development has always been an area of core competence for our tam at SPVAIG. We provide different kinds of mobile application development solutions, targeted for different purposes and different business domains. We also have the experience and expertise to work with different mobile operating systems.

SPVAIG provides rich cross platform mobile application development support to the clients, belonging to various business domains. Building flexible, modernized, high performing and cost-effective application for cross platform is our commitment. Scalability, easy usage and simple interface are some of the feature of our cross platform apps.

Our Services:

At SPVAIG, our team has gathered terrific experience for developing cross platform apps. Having excellent track record for developing mobile apps, we can guarantee you effectual apps development services. We have mastered cross platform apps development through using various frameworks. Here, in the following section, learn more about our services:

  • Appcelerator Titanium: For developing cross platform apps, this is definitely a top choice. You can develop apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone or iPad with this seamless framework. This feature rich framework helps developing cutting edge and cost convenient apps.
  • PhoneGap Development: PhoneGap is another feature rich application development platform. This framework is extensively used for developing different types of applications for different operating systems. We are well versed with this framework for application development. Hence, we ensure you the best results.
  • RhoMobile Development: Motorola‚Äôs RhoMobile is an impressive tool suite for expertise developers for cross platform apps development. This framework is known for its easy features and flawlessness.
  • Corona Development: Corona has generally been used for iOS, Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook apps development solutions. It comes with simple single codebase with power Lua scripting.
  • Xamarin Development: This is basically a .NET based framework that has been extensive used for application developments. For cross platform apps development, this is definitely a good choice for development framework.

Why us?

SPVAIG has been known for its expertise apps development solutions. Apart from general apps development services, cross platform mobile apps development is our forte. To know more about us or to get quotes, get in touch with us.